Misc. rumours floating that I find somewhat interesting:

The Kia project "Snowflake". Looks great, but it needs a hard top, and preferably a more powerful engine than Kia currently offers. Rear wheel drive or four wheel drive would be nice as well. I'd prefer to see rear wheel drive before four wheel drive, considering the power output of most of Kia's engines.

A rear wheel drive Hyundai Tiberon. An interesting development. The V6 that they put in the current Tiberon is not a complete slouch. Hyundai's quality control has been excellent over the past few years. Something to look into if you want an inexpensive sports car, assuming they put a real suspension under it.


TomInGrandRapidsMI said...
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TomInGrandRapidsMI said...

Dude, you know KIA is owned by Hyundai? What is keeping KIA/Hyundai from using the same V6 thats in the Tiberon in the snowflake?

TomInGrandRapidsMI said...

Okay I'm a loser, I admit I didn't read the article before commenting. But a 2.0 TRBC engine will be interesting.

Unknown said...

As an aside, the car in the picture isn't the concept car they are talking about... that is a 4 - 5 year old concept car they showed at the Frankfurt show in 2003.

If they are planning a car to match the TT, it will come in a hard top version. No serious racing vehicle made these days doesn't have either a hard top or a serious roll bar.

I wonder if (like the early Tiburons) they won't use Mitsubishi 2.0l engines in these... rumor was that the engine in the first gen Tiburon's was a N/A 4G63... which when turbo'd can produce a TON of power ~500BHP when tuned properly