Concerning the recent developments in the UK:

I really wonder how many people are going to trust the health care system over there anymore. Really.

I mean, there was essentially a cabal of people in the medical field over there that basically took it upon themselves to break the Hippocratic oath for a religious cause. The problem that I see here is "how long until they infect their patients with something really nasty to infect the populous with?".

I was genuinely surprised when I heard the words "doctor", "terrorist", and "explosives" in the same sentence. I believe the people in the medical field have access to things that are so much more insidious, more horrific, and more panic inducing than explosives. Hell, we've seen what we do with suspected Anthrax and Eubola samples. I'm not saying our reactions are not justified. They are, as these two items are huge on the list of destructive potential, but what about stuff that we haven't seen or heard much of? How about a manipulated strain of Necrotizing Fasciitis? I do not believe these things are not out of the reach of modern medicine. I also believe that items needed to facilitate work on stuff like this were probably available to at least a few of these physicians.

Then again, I just might have too much time on my hands for my brain to work.