And thus it begins

I'm working on the new code to slaqware, and the box that slaquer.com is currently being hosted on has changed hands, so I'm in the process of moving off of that machine. For now, this will have to do, but I gotta say that this is a pretty slick setup.

Anyway, in the past months that I've not posted on the regular site, A lot of things have happened, but nothing too big.
Finally got the jeep project started again. I forgot to take photos of the "before" however. I'm hoping to be able to drive it this weekend, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

The motorcycle has blown yet another differential. I've ordered the last one that I'm getting for it off of ebay. If it blows the same bearing in this one, it's going to be too difficult to fix for myself, and too expensive to have someone else do it.

Speaking of the motorcycle, Mrs. Slaq got into a minor accident on it. The back tire locked up when she was slowing down for a light and stepped out from underneath her. She's mostly OK, but I think that the accident, and the subsequent chiropractor visits have permanently hurt her back.

Florida still sucks. Some things never change.

I'm half heartedly trying to drop a few pounds. When I last weighed myself and I was hitting 210 on the scale, I decided enough was enough. Motivation is difficult for me, however. Any hints would be appreciated in comments. :)