Just when you get comfortable...

everything changes.

I'm jobless, released due to "not a good fit". No real specifics, but hey, they have the right. I'm still hunting locally again.

It's kind of a mixed blessing, tho. The job description changed on me one month after I had come on, which was a real bummer for me. I left a very secure and stable position that was mediocre pay and a kind of boring proposition for this job which was going to be doing something that I really wanted to do for a reasonable amount of coin. A month after I get there, the Linux transition is axed and Windows is back on the desktop. This frustrated me to no end.

So anyway, no work done on Freya for obvious reasons. I'm in the "gotta spend coin" area to get fiddly bits that can't be acquired used.

I'm considering changing fields as well. The IT industry is a fickle thing... everyone needs wrench on their car, tho. Plus it's hands on, which I kind of appreciate. Any more suggestions for labor outside the tech industry would be appreciative. :)