As nice as some things are...

I'd really like a car that I can drive for 200 thousand miles and only change the oil regularly. It'd be really nice. Really.

As much as I love the 1997 LHS that we own, it's been a serious pain in the backside. Fuel o-rings, fuel rail, steering rack, ac head unit going bad, condenser failure, mechanics breaking the headlight doors (due to admittedly poor design)... the list is staggering. I'll give it that it's 10 years old. I just rolled over 80 thousand miles.

It has some great points. The sound it makes when you crack the throttle is just glorious. When you're on the interstate, the car just eats miles like candy. It has enough power for its size so you don't feel like the thing is a laggard when attempting to pass someone. It feels planted for something its size when you need to twitch it to miss that piece of tire that the semi lost. The body roll is noticeable, but not unmanageable.


It's getting to where the 20 year old Maxima with over 200 thousand miles on it is a more reliable car. And it's more fun to drive. It's Not quite as comfortable, but more fun. It'd be a hell of a lot more fun if I would dump the coin into it to get it right, but it's a 20 year old car with 200 thousand miles on it. Why bother for something that, realistically, isn't *that* much fun. If it were something really special, it'd be different, but it's a 20 year old Nissan Maxima with an automatic. My luck, I'd get it completely square and the engine would leap out of the engine bay, or the transmission would spread itself all over the interstate while I was driving it from a job site. Probably both at the same time. It's just the way my luck goes. I've come to accept this, and generally try to plan around it.

Bah. I still love my cars, but sometimes, they seem very fickle.

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