Finding truth in strange places.

I just got finished watching "Muppets Treasure Island".

Yeah, I know, doesn't exactly go with the title of the post. Hang with me a bit, It'll get there.

For those who are not familiar with Jim Henson's creation, I would point you to your favorite online DVD retailer to purchase the movies and seasons 1 - 3 on DVD of "The Muppet Show". Truly funny stuff. Much of the same antics done on the Simpsons, with more slapstick, less lowbrow toilet humour, and guest stars more in line with the time. All in live action, however.

One of the characters is Gonzo, a blue hooked-nosed "whatever" as he proclaims himself to be. He has a very admirable trait: "Embrace where you are".

Now, those words are never uttered by anyone. It's just the way Gonzo is. A few select quotes:

Rizzo: Terrific. Captured by crazed wild pigs and sacrificed hideously before a pagan altar.
Gonzo: Are we lucky or what?

Dr. Livesay: [looking at the treasure map] Say, I know what's happening here. You chaps are planning to sail to this island, aren't you? To dig up this treasure.
Jim Hawkins: Yes, but we must be quiet about it.
Jim Hawkins: There are pirates looking for this map.
Gonzo: [normal voice] Yeah, and they want to KILL us for it! Isn't that exciting?

Kermit: [watching Gonzo fly over the fair with a handful of balloons] Hey Gonzo, what are you doing?
Gonzo: About seven knots!

[In a hot-air balloon]
Gonzo: I'd like to try this without a balloon.
Kermit: Try what? Plummeting?
Gonzo: Yeah.

Now, it may seem strange to call this an admirable trait, but if you look deeper than the superficial gag, you see a person in a trying situation, attempting to get the most from it. It's nearly Job-esqe.

Then again, perhaps being sick has rattled my braincells too much over the past few days.