Because I like to give links and props to things that pull my ass out of the fire

I am sometimes a typical user. We all have user moments, and I had one today.

I'm working on a collection of PERL scripts to parse and format a series of text files for me. I've been massaging this file for a while. Well, today, I fatfinger my keyboard and DELETE THE DAMN THING!!! BAH!!! I'M SUCH A USER!!! Well, I should be able to recover it, it's a modern file system...

Whaddya mean ReiserFS doesn't have a native undelete option. You're kidding right? You're not kidding.... Drat.

/me rummages through the warehouse of our benevolent almighty data overlords Google...

Ooooh... so THAT'S how you recover deleted files from ReiserFS.

I had to work on the file when I got it back, as it had been concatenated with about 120000 lines of other deleted files, but it was all there. Thanks DeePak.