Music of the moment, May 28 2012

I've been saving this one for Memorial day for reasons that will be obvious shortly.

Before that: Thank you to all of our Vets, past and present. You walk the wall many of us would or can not so that we can have our comfortable lives and myriad opportunities. Thank you.

The War was in Color by Carbon Leaf

This is a poignant tune; the lyrics that tug at heartstrings of any who have considered the sacrifices of the military of whatever nation that they come from. They tell a story of a grandfather who actually was in a hot zone (lyrics suggest WWII, Pacific theater), who recounts his time there when his grandson finds a box of photos from that time.
Well written, evocative lyrics can tell stories that can make simple music powerfully emotional. This is one excellent example.

Carbon Leaf's website: http://carbonleaf.com/