Concerning zombies

I've had a few friends try to get me involved in one of Valve's latest games, Left 4 Dead. I keep telling them "zombie hacking isn't my gig.". They keep telling me "But it's a cool game!", and list off lots of reasons concerning the AI, objective based play style, and other things. If I didn't have other things vying for my attention, and a bit more disposable income, I'd consider it.

However, since there's obviously interest, why not list a few things that have piqued my interest that do refer to zombies?:

A fan made music video of the Jonathan Coulton song "RE: Your Brains". Typical Coulton funny. The juxtaposition of loose, jangly guitar music with heavy pop influences and the subject material of the lyrics just makes me laugh.

A fan made music video of the No More Kings song "Zombie Me". Similar description as above.

Wikipedia article concerning the novel "World War Z", which is supposed to be a great book. I've been meaning to borrow it from one of my friends for a while now.

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Unknown said...

Brains are delicious... ;)