The "good old boy" system never dies...

The numbers just get bigger.

A big "thank you" to Senator Feinstein (office phone: 202-224-3841) for taking money, at gun point, from the taxpayers, and channeling it to her husband's investments.

Oh, did I mention that she wants Attorney General Gonzoles FIRED because he was in on the firing of 8 federal attorneys that can be fired FOR ANY REASON THAT THE PRESIDENT DESIRES?

The money quote:

Now he's saying he doesn't know. I think the day of the dual-hatted Attorney General should be over. Attorney General Gonzales has had the view that he serves two masters, that he serves the President and that he serves as the chief law enforcement officer.

He serves one master, and that's the people of this country – in being straightforward, in following the law.

You do know that farming public work out to private companies that you have a personal stake in is at best shady, and at worst, misuse of TAXPAYER DOLLARS, right? It gets even more unethical if you do the above with NO BID PROCESS.

Senator Feinstein, do you have something you want to tell the taxpayers?


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