Because I'm a WeirdAl fan...

Weird Al has a new album coming out at the end of September. Straight out of Lynwood promises to be more of the same from Weird Al: Witty, if sometimes juvenile, lyrics on top of music that's straight off of the charts.

I find that the more I listen to Weird Al, the more I appreciate his talent. He's a lyrical genius, *and* has his finger on the pulse of pop music. He can pull off *any* style seemingly effortlessly, and sometimes improve upon the original music. The group of musicians that surround him are all great studio guys.

The link above has a small sample of stuff that's going to be on the upcoming album. Have fun.


Don Conrad said...

That was great.

Shawn said...

My only disappointment is that "Pitiful" won't be included on the album... HOWEVER(!), you can visit my MySpace page, and listen to it.

Damn, you, Atlantic Records, for making Al pull this from his album!!!!