Sometimes, it's just that way...

My life's been pretty stagnate over the past few weeks: Work x5, one day for me, and one day for Church and Family. Pretty boring, yet so incredibly stable, that the regimen can be rather comforting. This isn't what this post is about tho. Just something that was on my mind.

I think I finally sorted all of the fuel delivery problems with Oreo out now, but I've happened upon a new problem. Last weekend, I went out for a ride and the shifter linkage broke. I was fortunate enough to be heading up to see my local dealer anyway, so being stuck in 1st gear wasn't too much of an issue. Stan (the owner) was in the hospital still, recovering from a back surgery, but one of his friends that helps him wrench on his race bikes (A pair of Moto Guzzi V11 sports that race in the Battle of Twins class in the American Historical Motorcycle Racing Association) was there and offered to help.

After searching for about an hour for a linkage in Stan's freshly relocated shop (yes, boxes were *still* everywhere) Dave (Stan's friend) said "Lemme just braze that together." He did so, and then I proceeded to ride until I was out of fuel, which was only another 50 or so miles... I could have sworn I filled it up last time I rode. The low fuel light doesn't work either, I've discovered. I call Michelle, and she brings me a gallon of fuel, and I ride the bike home.

Skip forward to this week, We take the weekend to go to SeaWorld, but Saturday afternoon, Michelle's cold finally did her in. We head back home Sunday morning after breakfast, and I decide it's a wonderful day for a ride. She says she's just going to go to bed when we get home, so I ensure she has everything she needs and ride off to see the family.

After seeing everyone, I leave Dad's just before dusk. As I'm downshifting to come to a stop for a light, the shiftlever goes to the floorboard and doesn't come up again. Damn. The brazing that Dave did broke. I pull off of the road, since of course it gets stuck in between gears, and get the bike into first. There's not much open in Alaucha around 1800 on a Sunday night, but I did find an open auto parts store. I bodge together my shift linkage with a hose compression fitting and get the bike back on the road. As I'm getting off of the interstate, the compression fitting fails. Well, at least I'm still in gear... but it's 4th. I cooked the clutch up a bit those last couple of lights, but I do get Oreo home.

Yaknow... sometimes, it's just that way.


Anonymous said...

You named your bike Oreo?

CaptSlaq said...

Yeah. I need to take some photos after I get her cleaned up, but she's Dark Choclate brown and white. THe brown surrounds the white areas on the bike. :)