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One of the things that I try to do is keep busy in my off time. Most of the time, it's computer games, most currently, World of Warcraft.
However, the *more constructive* pursuits would be like that of my 1983 AMC Wagoneer. I haven't taken pics of it yet, simply because I always forget to bring the camera out when I'm working on it.
Anyway, it's undergoing an engine transplant. The old AMC 360 engine that was in it was on it's last legs when I drove the vehicle out here. In it's place is *not* another AMC 360, but a Chrysler 5.9 small block out of a 1997 Ram D1500 truck. The transmission is being swapped for a 5 speed as well. Hopefully a modest lift and some bigger tires will be in the mix as well.
The engine is currently sitting in the engine bay, which involved cutting off the mount horns from a donor Dodge truck frame, and welding them in place with a piece of 2x2 steel tube underneath them to get them to the right distance away from the AMC frame.
The biggest problem that I've had with doing this transplant is getting a flywheel for the truck. Apparently, it's a difficult thing to come up with, unless you pay Chrysler $560 for a new one. Everything else has been pretty straight forward, including electrical, which is basically "Use the harness from the donor truck".
Part of what makes this swap so easy is the fact that Dodge decided to keep *all* of the engine compartment electrical connections under the hood, so there's no need to punch a hole in the firewall for a massive bulkhead connector or anything of that nature. It's a double edged sword, definitely, seeing as how water could be a massive issue, but if you're over the hood with water, I think you already have more problems than electrical. :)
Anyway, hopefully I'll have some pics to *show* all of this stuff, and a working set of wheels in the near future.

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